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Since that time, they have hit the ground running, or rather, dancing. Phoenix has performed in numerous community events and haflas. In 2022 Phoenix performed in Inara Belly Dance’s “Candy Shop.” They were also invited to perform with the Belly Dance Circle by AKM Productions, which affords dancers the opportunity to perform with live musicians in front of an audience.


As of 2022, Phoenix became part of the Azama Dance Company, holding the position of Secretary and Social Media Maven. Phoenix is always looking for new props to work with, though they hold a special love for sword. Belly dance has also afforded them the opportunity to strengthen their costuming skills and many of costumes worn by Phoenix have been created and embellished by their own hands.  


Phoenix appreciates how dance can be used to portray and interpret emotions. Whether jovial, longing, playful, or seductive, Phoenix loves to challenge themselves to embrace the emotion of the music and translate it through dance. 


Phoenix's Story...

Phoenix began their dance journey in 2013 when they discovered their love of Bollywood and Bhangra. Studying under Rupa Datta and Rutuja Patil of Dance BFF they were able to hone their craft and perform in several Diwali celebrations. In 2017 they performed in “Incredible Bollywood.” In 2018, in addition to performing, Phoenix also assisted with choreography and costuming for the “Incredible Bollywood 2” show. 


In early 2019, Phoenix walked in to their first belly dance class. From there, it was love at first shimmy. By June, they had their first group performance in the legendary Kanina’s “Night at the Casbah.” Phoenix has studied under Kanina Hague and continues to study under Inara Smith. They have taken classes with Aurel D’Agostino and zill workshops with Nasira. In 2021, Phoenix danced their first solo at Inara Belly Dance’s “Half a Hafla.”

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