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Meet the Team...

Nothing truly great was built by just one individual and this studio is no different. These dancers are always striving to learn more to give you the best education we can in middle eastern dance.  Hats off to my wonderful team of Instructors and Student Instructors.  



found his love to dance at an early age and his experience in movement has grown into quite an eclectic one. His love of Latin rhythms, high energy Bhangra, theatrical Bollywood, and the sensual and smooth movements of Bellydance really showcase his diverse education. 

Crystos has dabbled in belly dance over many years but he really discovered a passion for it when he found Inara Belly Dance. He was invited into the Beledi Dance Company after a few short years and is now with the Azama Dance Company under the direction of Inara Smith.

Crystos is a solo dancer, artist, and teacher as well as a group/troupe performer and is always expanding his proverbial “Dance Tool Box”. He feels that his dance career has never been more profound or enjoyable than when he started dancing this beautiful dance style. 


Being a male dancer in a female dominated industry, truly lets him show off the fact that his hips “don’t lie” and that dance absolutely has no gender.




is a soloist as well as part of the Azama Dance Company. Sandra began her dance journey about 10 years ago with the Amazing teacher Ameena and the Moondance Collective Dance Troupe.  During her dance journey she studied with many Fabulous teachers, Kanina, Holly, Aurel, and currently  Inara. She has also taken workshops with  Christina and Amity to name a few, each instilling different and wonderful techniques.  

Sandra enjoys performing and bringing out the joy in the audience but most of all she enjoys having fun.  Sandra loves the art of the fan veils, tray and shamadon with a variety of music.  She dances to the traditional Egyptian, Turkish and Arabic music as well as Blues, R&B and Reggae depending on what her heart feels at the time.

She says “I hope you enjoy watching me perform on my dance journey and if I move you, come up and join me, I would love to share the music with you.  It brings me great joy being part of such a spiritual, accepting and loving community.  Blessings”

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