Inara's Story...

Inara began taking belly dance classes on a whim in 2011, and was instantly swept up by the glitter and sound of coin belts. By 2014, Inara had realized that belly dance had become a monumental part of her life and it was here, with the legendary Kanina Hague as her mentor and instructor from Kanina Dance, that she started her journey to become a professional dancer and instructor.  


Inara loves to teach and is dedicated to continuous learning so that she can give her dance students the best education possible. In addition to her local and regional studies, she traveled to Egypt in 2019 via Sahra Saeeda's "Journey through Egypt" course - an amazing immersion opportunity to learn first-hand the culture, history and dancer lifestyle as taught by the top dancers in the country.  

Inara expected a few things from her travels: to take as many semi-private lessons as possible, to see the pyramids and ride a camel (very important). Little did she know that this trip would be life-changing. While overlooking the Nile and discussing their shared love for the dance, Inara's mentor, Kanina, told her of her decision to retire and pass down her studio, dance company, and legacy to Inara. With great joy in her heart, and with Kanina's blessing, Inara is embarking on this entrepreneurial chapter in her life and is pleased to have launched her new business.

The Inara Dance Studio welcomes students of all ages, genders, dance levels and experience. Join her on your own dance journey!


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Kanina and Inara waiting for Dina to perform in Egypt

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In addition to teaching, Inara is director of the Azama Dance Company, a professional troupe that performs Middle Eastern belly dance, folkloric, cabaret dances and throughout Rhode Island and New England. As a company member, she performs in group choreographies and as a soloist.


Inara is a professional belly dancer, and is often the featured artist performing at many of the area's premier venues including Opa, Habibi's and various shows and festivals.  

Outside of belly dancing, Inara spends her time teaching private piano lessons virtually out of her in home studio and teaching and performing ballroom at Endicott Dance. She is a classically-trained Soprano, costume designer and seamstress - often putting her talents to use creating colorful hand-dyed silk veils for many performers throughout the region.  

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