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Before belly dancing, Nashida started dancing in North Carolina at the age of 4 and has never really stopped. She studied ballet, jazz, modern and pointe at various dance schools, and joined the High Point Ballet Company in 2003 where she continued until 2007. 


She discovered belly dance through a local YMCA class in 2005 and has continued to return to the art at various stages of her life, never being content without belly dance in her life. The freedom of expression and confidence it has instilled in her will forever be an important aspect of who she is as a person. 


Nashida is an urban planner, rock climber, and mom to her cats Fidel and Ollie as well as her dog Dobby. 

Nashida's Story...

A lifelong dancer, Nashida began her belly dance journey in 2013, studying the basics of Egyptian and American Tribal Style in Indiana under Zhenna. Along with her regular studies Nashida also began studying sword, zills, veil, and improvisation techniques. After moving to the northeast, Nashida discovered Kanina Dance and began studying under Inara in earnest, relearning the basics and diving ever deeper into belly dance, improving her technique with zills, veil, and performance. 


Continuing in her love of performing Nashida joined the Azama Dance Company under Inara’s instruction in 2022.  She can be found performing in both group and solo pieces at various haflas and end of semester shows, as well as the Indiana Belly Dance Collective (formerly ISAMETD) 2014 Winter Bazaar, Efendis restaurant and other local venues.  

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