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Under the tutelage of several amazing performers and teachers, his dance journey has been an amazing and wonderous one. Such teachers include Bollywood headliners Rupa Datta and Rutuja Patil from Dance BFF, belly dance legends Kanina Hague, Aurel D’Agostino, and also the incomparable talents and tutelage of Inara Smith and local zill queen Nasira. 


He has performed at several restaurants and events in the local area including Kanina's “Night at the Casbah” (2019), Inara’s “Candy Shop” (2022), Inara's “Half a Hafla” (2021), The Incredible Bollywood Show (2017 and 2018), and North Atteleboro MA’s Habibi’s Middle Eastern Kitchen as well as festivals in Providence.


Since his start with belly dance, he has expanded his horizons by adding props, such as sword, cane, veil and fan veils to his “Dance Tool Box”.  Crystos also designs a majority of the costumes he performs in as well as helping with alterations in his off hours.


Being a male dancer in a female dominated industry, truly lets him show off the fact that his hips “don’t lie” and that dance absolutely has no gender.

Crystos' Story...

Crystos found his love to dance at an early age and his experience in movement has grown into an eclectic one. His love of Latin rhythms through Zumba, high energy Bhangra, theatrical Bollywood, and the sensual and smooth movements of belly dance really showcase his diverse education. 

Crystos has been a professional belly dancer for several years originally discovering his passion for it when he found Inara Belly Dance. He was invited into the Beledi Dance Company after a few short years and is now the Dance Captain and Choreography Master of the Azama Dance Company under the direction of Inara Smith.

Crystos is a group/troupe and solo dancer, artist, and is also a teacher for Inara Belly Dance. He is always working on expanding his “Dance Tool Box”. He feels that his dance career has never been more profound or enjoyable than when he started dancing this beautiful dance style. 


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