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Throughout her belly dance career, Selena has continued growing her skill base by attending classes, workshops and events held by premiere dance teachers in New England. These teachers include : Kanina, Inara, Aurel, Neylan, Phaedra, Mowenna, Cristina, Nasira, Amy Smith, and Karim Nagi. 


Selena has used her unique skills of set and staging design to showcase the student dancers during their annual student performances. Selena has developed and executed, along with the help of many students and performers, a layered backdrop to help transform and guide the audience in themed events.


Selena's newest adventure is teaching a foundations class with support from her fellow troupe member Sandra. Selena enjoys offering the concept belly dancing to those who have never belly danced to help them gain awareness and confidence in moving their body.

Selena's Story...

Selena (Sandy) joined the belly dance scene in January of 2009 at a chance meeting of Kanina at a party. This started a 14 year love of the dance form and the cultural legacy of Middle Eastern dancing in New England. Selena thrives on the challenge of group choreography and finding creative ways to move her body in authentic ways to express Middle Eastern music.

Selena's mentor, Kanina, introduced her to the Beledi Dance Company in 2018 and in 2020, Kanina’s protege, Inara, formed the Azama Dance Company in which Selena has continued her dance experience. In Azama, Selena is the treasurer and has performed in groups, as well as, solo performances. Selena's performance experiences have included : Thousand and One Nights, Night at the Cashbar, Candy Shop, Roger Park Zoo’s Summer series, and local Haflas, fundraisers and dance community events.


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