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Khalida first fell in love with belly dance in 2018, and has been hooked on the beautiful music, sparkly costumes, and the rich culture ever since! A life-long musician, she especially enjoys the added dimension of making music while dancing with finger cymbals.


She has studied extensively with Inara, Aurel, and Kanina. She has taken countless workshops with many teachers both locally (Sandra, Nasira, Ameena) and beyond  (including Helena Vlahos, Amar Garcia, Karim Nagi, and Cory Zamora).


Khalida is a member of the Azama Dance Company, and has performed in many local productions as a soloist and part of Azama, including Night at the Casbah, Half a Hafla, Candy Shop, the Belly Dance Circle, Otherworlds Hafla, Thunderstruck Hafla, and the Rhode Island Heritage Festival.

Khalida's Story...

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